Marialena Fernandes


UNO, DUE, TRE - Das Kleine Wien Trio 29.11.11.

Krzystof "KRZYS" Kokoszewski, Violin Jacek "STOLI" Stolarczyk, Violin Jacek "OBSTAR" Obstarczyk, Piano Marialena Fernandes, Concept, Idea, Piano, Presentation

The 3 young artists have been friends since childhood. They are indeed clowns and acrobats on their instruments. Their youth, the Beer they enjoy, their connection with the University of Music in Vienna; most of all their joy in keeping their audience in suspense, make them unique!! Works by Brahms, Piazzolla, Quincy Jones, or maybe not. All arrangements by the artists.

Datum: 01.03.2012
Ort: Musikverein, Gläserner Saal
Adresse: Bösendorfersaal 12, 1010 Vienna
Beginn: 09:00