Marialena Fernandes


UNO; DUE, TRE - Hobby meets Profi 26.11.12

People from various fields and professions meet each other on stage; A judge and a violinist, a cosmonaut and a music teacher, a diplomat and a pianist.

Together they project their passion for music. From the saxophone to the violin, from drums to the clarinet, from classics to jazz; ofcourse the piano must always be present! Works by; D. Schostakovic, F. Chopin, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis Marialena Fernandes Initiator, Presentator

Datum: 26.11.2012
Ort: Musikverein, Gläserner Saal
Adresse: Bösendorferstrasse 12, 1010 Wien
Beginn: 20:00