Marialena Fernandes


Music Connects - Joy through Music

Marialena Fernandes excites her audience to participate with her in the musical dialog 28.09.2022 - Laugh - Smile - (Piano solo) 07.12.2022 - Advent singing with each other - (Tuba and Song) 01.02.2023 - With the pulse of time - (Tabla and Tonbak)

Composers of various generations, popular works smuggled into serious pieces, guessing by the listeners, riddles asked, anecdotes related humor spread through the hall General interaction between artist and audience Guests: Anton Straka, Amelie, Keshava, Feresteh

Datum: 28.09.2022
Ort: Volkshochschule
Adresse: Lazarettgasse 27, 1090 Wien
Beginn: 19:00